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In business, success is easy to measure but difficult to achieve. When success necessitates information, data and an integrated back-office solution, CimpleBox is your answer. CimpleBox is a revolutionary software platform that allows you to collect and leverage historical data, easily access and monitor the health of your retail operation and most importantly, provide a platform that helps you plan for your success.

The solution to your business needs

The CimpleBox solution is the most intuitive, affordable and powerful business operational software on the market today. While it certainly provides you with all the vital metrics required to monitor the health of your business, the true power and potential comes in its ability to improve your bottom line and effortlessly plan your future success.

With the CimpleBox solution you can quickly identify and replicate the actions that make your business successful. Find out what makes us different and a trusted partner that will actually help you manage and grow your business.

Multi-store management
Sales tracking & reporting
Growth planning
Labor management
Product tracking
Mobile access
100% On-Demand

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